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“How To Improve Your Chances”

The Good News: It seems that the real estate sales market of existing homes in central Ohio has picked up!
The Not-so-Good news: There are still many homes for sale that have been on the market quite a long time.
Last Sunday’s Dispatch published a lengthy article on this very subject, citing many such addresses. They also gave a few suggestions from real estate agents on how to possibly move your home from the For Sale sign to SOLD. I thought I’d list some of these ideas:
1. Get rid of Clutter (always a good idea!)
2. Add lighting to brighten home. Or, if you can’t add any lighting, make sure your open curtains and blinds, and turn on what lights you have.
3. Paint if necessary or possible.
4. Add simple landscaping.
5. Repair minor imperfections.
6. CLEAN! and absolutely get rid of any pet hair or odor.
7. Wash windows and mirrors.
8. If possible, use neutral colors.
And my own suggestion, try to be patient (realizing that frustration may get in the way!) and realistic in this difficult market.
Good Luck!!

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